Free will, an illusion worth believing in?

Awfully Curious

Rest both your hands on a platform out in front of your eyes. Now, make a decision to close only one of your hands. How do you think you could have arrived at this decision?

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First the worst? (typing what comes to mind)

I feel that a content mind, is the key to a happy life. Honesty is key! Once you are completely and utterly honest with yourself, you can start thinking of achieving the status of “content mind”. 

In order to satisfy ones mind, one needs a healthy and balanced lifestyle: a lifestyle which you live for yourself, and not for the sake of pleasing others. Yes, there are certain people who should be considered, but your decisions should be based on what you want rather than what the collective group wants. No decision you make should carry a negative impact on your life, or the lives of others.

A healthy mindset is also brought upon by an active (mental as well as physical) outlook on life. Get the blood pumping, feel your heart beating! After all the beating of ones heart, that is the core of being alive. Step back into nature and feel all the positive waves of energy in our atmosphere. Something as simple, yet at the same time, as complex as a bee pollinating a flower and producing honey simultaneously…

Always think positive. “Don’t be sad that a rosebush has thorns, be glad that a thorn bush has roses”.